Monday, 26 October 2009

Wizards, Elves & Robins

Here's a little fellow I created out of Fimo as a bit of fun. He's a Wizard (hopefully that bit is obvious) but I've made him look like my OH who has lovely long dark brown hair, a neat little goatee and specs. I couldn't resist it as my man always says he's magic. He hasn't seen him yet so I'm wondering if he'll see the funny side....... :-)

The model below also made from Fimo, took me a lot longer to do and still needs a lot of work on her yet. I need to make her some arms and legs and will probably make a fabric body over a wire skeleton. To finish I'll probably use some mohair for her hair and make so suitably Elvish garments for her to wear. When she's finished I'll have to think of a name for her or maybe ask my blog readers to name her? Maybe you could start thinking of something suitable and drop me a comment?!!?

Finally, but not least of all, I had my first customer for the bird food I put out a few days ago. I normally start feeding the birds about now as it's started to get a bit chillier and there are less bugs for them to eat.

It always surprises me how long it takes for them to build up the courage to start taking the food. On the menu they've got a choice of various seeds and several fat balls with bits and bobs in.

So there I was absent mindedly staring out of the window when I saw a flash of red and there gripping on to a fat ball was a lovely Robin. He was swinging about and pecking for dear life. Then he was gone again as quickly as he arrived.... although I could still hear him singing somewhere nearby.

In a way I'm glad a Robin was the first to dig in, as I think they are such lovely birds..... or 'tweets' and they are fondly known in our house. I'm sure he'll be back and no doubt he'll have told all of his mates about the new food source. Hopefully I'll get a photo of him and his friends digging in but I've just got to pop my camera on charge.

Anyway that's it for now. Cheerio

Thursday, 22 October 2009

I think my head's going to burst!

Hello Peeps, apologies for not posting for ages and ages. (seems that way even if it was only last week !)

Anyway, I think my head's gonna pop. I don't know why but I've got so many ideas buzzing around my brain that I can't seem to settle on any one thing long enough before my mind wanders and I find myself thinking about something totally unrelated to what I am working on. It's very frustrating, as the new idea then seems to take some of the shine off of what I'm working on at the time........ does anyone else get this?

Sometimes I think it would be nice to just have one area that I really feel is my thing... my specialist subject.... the thing that I put all of my effort and energies and creativity into but no...... I'm just greedy and want to have a go at everything and I want to do it NOW!

Soooo at the moment I have a few half finished projects which will one day, (hopefully soonish) feature here.

So for now here's something else I prepared earlier. It's a painting I did from a flickr photo that I thought was so special that I had to paint it. The picture was taken by Raymond Larose and I imagine that the lovely dog in the photo is his very own Jack Russell Terrier.

Everyone that's seen this painting seems to love it. The way the pup is just looking up just says 'come on then lets go and play!'

Anyway hope you like it. HOPEFULLY I'll be posting again in the next day or two!
Hope you are all fine and dandy!?!


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More Felting

I'm having a week off from work but not going away anywhere as my man isn't able to get this week off from work, so I've been enjoying the lovely weather and doing a few crafty bits and bobs.

I thought I'd be blogging every day but there seem to be very few moments spare, what with one thing and another. I was hoping to get loads done but I've been suffering from crafter's brain. Too many options and not enough deciding and getting down to doing it!!! Trouble is there is so much to inspire both out and about and on the NET that I get caught up in all of the wonderful ideas and techniques. I don't think I could just stick to one thing, creatively speaking. I'm sure it would drive me potty.

Anyway here are a couple more felting critters that popped out of my head. The handsome redhead is Reynard the Fox and the little cute mouse is Appley Dappley. He's a pressie for my sis who is a little stressed out a the mo. It's a character from one of her favourite childhood books. 'The Black Hunting Whip' (can't remember who wrote it, sorry!) Anyway she mentioned this character the other day so I thought I'd create him for her.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good creating day. Have fun! Bye for now!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Autumn Faerie Slippers

I knew I would fall for felting and so I did.
Here are a pair of little faerie slippers, just right for a jaunt in the autumn leaves! Well probably not as they'd get very wet!
They are inspired by the lovely faerie slippers of Annette Emms Unfortunately I didn't get her faerie slipper pattern that appeared in #50 of Stitch magazine, drat, they'd sold out! So I've improvised and designed these ones which came out OK.
Hand stitched and made from felt and faux suede with glass seed bead embellishments. They measure about 6cms long (2 and a bit inches in old money :-} ).
They are of course what your fashionable faeries will be wearing this autumn!
(They're not just faerie slippers they're M & S faerie slippers - that's Munchkin and Sprite the famous faerie shoemakers, but you knew that didn't you?)
I just love the bright orange felt. It just reminds me of all the lovely fat pumkins that are beginning to appear in the shops now. Anyway must dash - have a creative, fab week!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Little white hare and more cards

Here's Harry my firstborn felt creature. I've been so inspired by Sweet Pea's Creations that I just had to try it for myself and it is very theraputic indeed........ except if you happen to stick a felting needle into your finger..... but it was ok, I didn't get any blood on Harry which is good as it might have looked like he'd been shot or something and really that wouldn't be the effect I was hoping for. Not very ahhh ...... more eughhh!!! Anyway I think I'm hooked so you'll no doubt see some other felt bits and bobs here at some time or other.

When I was running my rubber stamp business I would sometimes be asked to design the odd stamp or two as a one off special or maybe because their was a gap in the market. The handfasting card was made using a poem I made up for a friend who wanted to make her own handfasting invitations but couldn't find any stamps suitable for the pagan occasion.
The Pisces card is another one of my stamp designs, which was part of a set of 12, (mmm..... a bit obvious I guess!)
Again embossed onto heat proof acetate and coloured from the back. This was one of my favourites out of the horoscope designs. I'm thinking of maybe redoing it using some embroidery type thingy. We'll see.....
Anyway I have to scoot. I'm trying to post a bit more but life has a habit of getting in the way.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Spiders,Webs and Washing - Bits 'n Bobs n' Beads

Today I have been mostly washing things, mainly laundry, dishes etc but also my little car Lola.
- Poor Lola has been a little neglected of late, mainly because I do a car share and usually have to use our big car to fit in the three burly blokes, well actually two burly ones and one smaller chappie to get to work. Lola only has a little engine and is small in size so there would be legs out of the windows etc. (no smutty thoughts please!!!) She would also find the load difficult, especially with my weight.

- Anyway because Lola is parked up down the lane next to hedgerows she was beginning to look like a cobweb factory. Autumn is a particularly busy time for spiders... probably because of all the lovely fat lazy flies that they want to catch but it was getting beyond a joke so I took her to the local pressure washer and zapped her clean. So there I am thinking how lovely she looks all shiney and black, I'd even hoovered out her insides too! So I was feeling rather proud of my efforts. Well to cut a long story short. There she is all gleaming as I parked her in her normal little spot, morning I come out to go to my art class and hey presto, Lola is once again covered in delicate webs, all sparkling with dew. The little buggers! Ah well I guess that's my lesson learned and really the webs looked quite magical glittering away in the early morning light!
- Now speaking of Arachids, it seems that Autumn also seems to give them the urge to take up residence inside my cottage. Now I'm not what you'd call a spider fact they completely creep me out, so although I love Autumn I dread the influx of the big spider brigade.
- In the last two weeks we've had three really big hairy beasties pay us a visit. But I AM PREPARED this year as I have purchased a spider vac. Yep it sucks up the multi legged bug eyed monsters and keeps them at bay until you can liberate them outside. BRILLIANT!!!
- Sorry about the pic but I just wanted to show you the one I cleared out from the kitchen last night........ hairy little so and so isn't it?

- I guess living in such a lovely rural area means we have to share our surrounding with all sorts of creatures, some beautiful and others.......well not quite so attractive. I wouldn't want to give it up though.... I'm really lucky.

- I recently put together the above necklace using some turquoise, lapis and amber chips, separated by some silver Bali beads which were shop bought. The pendant at the end I made some time ago but it has been sitting in my bits box waiting for me to do something with it. Its made from sterling silver with 3 little 9ct gold balls and an amber cabouchon. It sits quite long but looks lovely against a plain top!

- The little earrings are stirling silver and just an experiment. They remind me a little bit of ragged Chinese boats...... but that could just be me! ( the flowers are just coloured parchment paper punched out, layered and glued. I think they look quite sweet!)

This is a recent painting of a Unique Orn (sorry that's my warped sense of humour) Like my Raven Moon painting its a mixture of alcohol inks for the background and acrylics for the actual beastie. He did start out as a straight horse head painting but I became possessed with the spirit of fantasy, which made me paint the horn. Honest.... really.....
Anyway that's enough from me for today. I hope everyone's having a fine creative time? No doubt I'll be back soon with the next installment, which I think may have a little hare involved.... I'll say no more! Byeeeeee!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Night Flight faery

Just a quickie posting from moi.
This was an illustration for one of my rubber stamps. She's the Night Flight Faery... as always the moon seems to creep into my fae drawings but what the hell.... I am a bit of a moonstruck bunny!
I made this for my sister's birthday by stamping on heat proof acetate. sprinkling with embossing powders and then heat embossing it. Then on the back I painted using iridescent acrylic paints. Just added some natural handmade paper and embellishments and voila .... this is the result.
Hope you like her!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I Feel Like a Slug

No, I'm not in the habit of eating slugs... today I just feel like one (obviously I would like to point out that I'm NOT leaving a slimy trail) I guess sluggish would be a better description. This I think is due to a tummy bug or something.... I'm definitely not feeling quite right.

Anyway it's a bit of a bugger when the weather is doing it's best to provide us with some last minute sunshine. Autumn is well and truly here on Dartmoor, the bracken, which was green only a week or so ago is now turning a lovely rusty gold colour and the Boston Ivy on my patio wall is also beginning to change to a glorious red. I LOVE AUTUMN.... ah 'the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'. My favourite season..... I get very melancholic in the autumn......sigh!

Enough of that........... I am still trying to find time to fit in finishing off my dragon pic but also am trying to keep my blog posts going so I shall endeavour to fill the gaps between my new works with others that are finished.

These just happen to be waiting in the wings.... so without further ado, she flicks the velvet cloth away to reveal her next masterpiece like some drug crazed matador!

Sorry about that got a bit carried away (should be, quips my other half!)

Anyway this is Raven Moon.... I love ravens so I decided to paint one. This was done with alcohol inks (Adirondak Ink range by Ranger) and acrylics, with the slightest hint of iridescence to the wings, which hasn't come out very well in the photo... but does look very nice.... really!! oh and I did draw a raven with Bic biro too.... I'd forgotten about that one. Do you know how great biros are for drawing with? They're brilliant! You can get a full range of tones and they're dirt cheap unlike some other specialist drawing pens on the market.
Here's also a hare drawing done with biro.
Well folks, I've done my bit for today. Hopefully will be up to completing my dragon soon. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Don't work too hard this week.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Young Dragon - WIP

Here's a wee beasty I started the other day at my weekly art group. I'm pleased with how he's coming on. Still a way to go, but thought it would be nice to post him while he's still partly in my head. It'll be nice to see how I progress with him.

It was quite nice actually doing something of a fantasy nature at my art class as usually I'm so unprepared I tend to grab the closest flower from the garden and take that to draw, which usually means I don't actually finish the painting cos the flower droops, gets squished or loses all of its petals.

It was sweet when Alec, a lovely chap that comes along asked if I was drawing it from memory. I just smiled and said that yes I had known a few dragons in my time. I think he saw the funny side.

Anyway off to put a little scale detail on him, cook some tea for me and my man and then shower and off to work, YUK! 'sighs and dreams of being a real live illustrator working from home' ........ one day!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Funky birds on silk

Wanted to use one my designs 'whacky birds' in a textile/embroidery project, so I used some of the great papers from this company

You can use your normal inkjet printer to print in full colour on silk, cotton....all sort of materials really too many to mention.

So this is the result. Now I've got to decide what to do with it. Any suggestions?

Lost and found

Here I am supposed to be concentrating on my own blog and what am I doing.... still surfing blogland.
- Must try harder and be in control..... but there's so much lovely stuff out there... I whine!
- Yes but you must try and add to it too - my little inner voice says.
- It's true..... I'm going to set myself a challenge to blog at least every other day. No surfing until I've added my own two pennies worth!
- So today I'd like to introduce Morris and Mavis, a small ink drawing, doodle thing that I did a while ago. It's quite sweet so I decided to give it some colour!

- Possibly it would make quite a cute Christmas card!
- It was while I sifting through some of my accumulated piles of paper that I also came across quite a few old drawings that I was going to turn into rubber stamp designs for kids.
I'd completely forgotten about them as I'm not doing the stamp thing at the moment. Seems a shame to just leave them as they are so I might just get round to colouring them in too.... mmm can feel a bit of a project coming on. Will let you know how I get on.

- Anyway bye for now. Will be back in a day or two - hopefully with some nice coloured pics of the above.....

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sorry peeps still trying to get used to adding photos and getting the size right. I'll learn.... hopefully! This is Moth.

First Timer

Welcome to my very first blog...yippee!

- After reading so many lovely blogs from other artists and craftspeople I thought I might as well jump on board and join in too!

- So here goes......

- I guess first and foremost I'm an artist and illustrator but sadly (well, not really sadly) I am easily led. I'm sure I must be part magpie as I just can't resist the lure of sparkly things. Beads, glitter, gold leaf, iridescent ribbon. You name it, I'm there ferreting around the craft shops trying to tell myself I can stop if I want but try as I might to keep my pens and paintbrushes on the straight and narrow I find myself being tempted once again.

- I think I have to admit that I am the Jack of all trades and mistress of none, or maybe a few, who knows?

- Anyhow I guess I just have to give in to my nature and hopefully you will enjoy me sharing my meanderings into the world of craft. Because of course the thing is........ I know I'm not the only one out there.

- You know who you are. Yes you with the give away sparkle of glitter all over your clothes and face! and the bits of sparkly thread dangling from your cardigan and lovely hand made papers stashed away in every nook and cranny of your spare room. Give in to it and let your magpie crafting nature free. After all there's nothing more satisfying than being up to your elbows in glitter and beads.

- Well lets get on with the serious stuff now. A while ago I decided to set up a small eBay shop selling my own designs of rubber stamps. I bought a rather expensive machine for making the said stamps and began trading. Well to my surprise the little stamps flew off the shelf and in fact all around the world. The thing was I was still working full time as a Postwoman sorting the mail on a night shift and trying to design, make, sell and post all of my wares through the day. Alas dear reader of course I was burning the candle at both ends and my poor body became tired and ill. So unfortunately something had to go. Because my post job was the more lucrative of the two the stamp making stopped. Sob.....well I tried.

This is a wee card I made from one of my faery stamp designs. (double click to enlarge) She's the Dandelion Faery
- I've got a bit of a thing for faeries and come to think of it the Moon. Ho hum! I did a series of about 7 or 8 of these little faes. I think they were my most popular designs, particularly in the USA.

- Talking about faeries here's a little chap I made called Moth. I say I made him but I think the truth is that he made me make him. There I am fiddling around with a bit of fimo and next thing this little chap has forced his way into my life. That's faerie for you I guess.

Just realised I hadn't put Moth's photo in. Silly me!
-I'll have to sort out photos for a few more bits ready for my next post.