Monday, 21 September 2009

Spiders,Webs and Washing - Bits 'n Bobs n' Beads

Today I have been mostly washing things, mainly laundry, dishes etc but also my little car Lola.
- Poor Lola has been a little neglected of late, mainly because I do a car share and usually have to use our big car to fit in the three burly blokes, well actually two burly ones and one smaller chappie to get to work. Lola only has a little engine and is small in size so there would be legs out of the windows etc. (no smutty thoughts please!!!) She would also find the load difficult, especially with my weight.

- Anyway because Lola is parked up down the lane next to hedgerows she was beginning to look like a cobweb factory. Autumn is a particularly busy time for spiders... probably because of all the lovely fat lazy flies that they want to catch but it was getting beyond a joke so I took her to the local pressure washer and zapped her clean. So there I am thinking how lovely she looks all shiney and black, I'd even hoovered out her insides too! So I was feeling rather proud of my efforts. Well to cut a long story short. There she is all gleaming as I parked her in her normal little spot, morning I come out to go to my art class and hey presto, Lola is once again covered in delicate webs, all sparkling with dew. The little buggers! Ah well I guess that's my lesson learned and really the webs looked quite magical glittering away in the early morning light!
- Now speaking of Arachids, it seems that Autumn also seems to give them the urge to take up residence inside my cottage. Now I'm not what you'd call a spider fact they completely creep me out, so although I love Autumn I dread the influx of the big spider brigade.
- In the last two weeks we've had three really big hairy beasties pay us a visit. But I AM PREPARED this year as I have purchased a spider vac. Yep it sucks up the multi legged bug eyed monsters and keeps them at bay until you can liberate them outside. BRILLIANT!!!
- Sorry about the pic but I just wanted to show you the one I cleared out from the kitchen last night........ hairy little so and so isn't it?

- I guess living in such a lovely rural area means we have to share our surrounding with all sorts of creatures, some beautiful and others.......well not quite so attractive. I wouldn't want to give it up though.... I'm really lucky.

- I recently put together the above necklace using some turquoise, lapis and amber chips, separated by some silver Bali beads which were shop bought. The pendant at the end I made some time ago but it has been sitting in my bits box waiting for me to do something with it. Its made from sterling silver with 3 little 9ct gold balls and an amber cabouchon. It sits quite long but looks lovely against a plain top!

- The little earrings are stirling silver and just an experiment. They remind me a little bit of ragged Chinese boats...... but that could just be me! ( the flowers are just coloured parchment paper punched out, layered and glued. I think they look quite sweet!)

This is a recent painting of a Unique Orn (sorry that's my warped sense of humour) Like my Raven Moon painting its a mixture of alcohol inks for the background and acrylics for the actual beastie. He did start out as a straight horse head painting but I became possessed with the spirit of fantasy, which made me paint the horn. Honest.... really.....
Anyway that's enough from me for today. I hope everyone's having a fine creative time? No doubt I'll be back soon with the next installment, which I think may have a little hare involved.... I'll say no more! Byeeeeee!!!

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