Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Little white hare and more cards

Here's Harry my firstborn felt creature. I've been so inspired by Sweet Pea's Creations http://itsawhimsicallife.blogspot.com/ that I just had to try it for myself and it is very theraputic indeed........ except if you happen to stick a felting needle into your finger..... but it was ok, I didn't get any blood on Harry which is good as it might have looked like he'd been shot or something and really that wouldn't be the effect I was hoping for. Not very ahhh ...... more eughhh!!! Anyway I think I'm hooked so you'll no doubt see some other felt bits and bobs here at some time or other.

When I was running my rubber stamp business I would sometimes be asked to design the odd stamp or two as a one off special or maybe because their was a gap in the market. The handfasting card was made using a poem I made up for a friend who wanted to make her own handfasting invitations but couldn't find any stamps suitable for the pagan occasion.
The Pisces card is another one of my stamp designs, which was part of a set of 12, (mmm..... a bit obvious I guess!)
Again embossed onto heat proof acetate and coloured from the back. This was one of my favourites out of the horoscope designs. I'm thinking of maybe redoing it using some embroidery type thingy. We'll see.....
Anyway I have to scoot. I'm trying to post a bit more but life has a habit of getting in the way.


  1. Oh, very nice hare! I've been meaning to make one for ages, you have really captured it here!

  2. Thanks PG! I just love hares. There's something magical and mystical about them, so it was the first thing that sprang to mind when I decided to make my first wee felted critter!

  3. He's lovely! And well worth all the finger stabbing :)