Saturday, 29 August 2009

Sorry peeps still trying to get used to adding photos and getting the size right. I'll learn.... hopefully! This is Moth.

First Timer

Welcome to my very first blog...yippee!

- After reading so many lovely blogs from other artists and craftspeople I thought I might as well jump on board and join in too!

- So here goes......

- I guess first and foremost I'm an artist and illustrator but sadly (well, not really sadly) I am easily led. I'm sure I must be part magpie as I just can't resist the lure of sparkly things. Beads, glitter, gold leaf, iridescent ribbon. You name it, I'm there ferreting around the craft shops trying to tell myself I can stop if I want but try as I might to keep my pens and paintbrushes on the straight and narrow I find myself being tempted once again.

- I think I have to admit that I am the Jack of all trades and mistress of none, or maybe a few, who knows?

- Anyhow I guess I just have to give in to my nature and hopefully you will enjoy me sharing my meanderings into the world of craft. Because of course the thing is........ I know I'm not the only one out there.

- You know who you are. Yes you with the give away sparkle of glitter all over your clothes and face! and the bits of sparkly thread dangling from your cardigan and lovely hand made papers stashed away in every nook and cranny of your spare room. Give in to it and let your magpie crafting nature free. After all there's nothing more satisfying than being up to your elbows in glitter and beads.

- Well lets get on with the serious stuff now. A while ago I decided to set up a small eBay shop selling my own designs of rubber stamps. I bought a rather expensive machine for making the said stamps and began trading. Well to my surprise the little stamps flew off the shelf and in fact all around the world. The thing was I was still working full time as a Postwoman sorting the mail on a night shift and trying to design, make, sell and post all of my wares through the day. Alas dear reader of course I was burning the candle at both ends and my poor body became tired and ill. So unfortunately something had to go. Because my post job was the more lucrative of the two the stamp making stopped. Sob.....well I tried.

This is a wee card I made from one of my faery stamp designs. (double click to enlarge) She's the Dandelion Faery
- I've got a bit of a thing for faeries and come to think of it the Moon. Ho hum! I did a series of about 7 or 8 of these little faes. I think they were my most popular designs, particularly in the USA.

- Talking about faeries here's a little chap I made called Moth. I say I made him but I think the truth is that he made me make him. There I am fiddling around with a bit of fimo and next thing this little chap has forced his way into my life. That's faerie for you I guess.

Just realised I hadn't put Moth's photo in. Silly me!
-I'll have to sort out photos for a few more bits ready for my next post.