Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Lost and found

Here I am supposed to be concentrating on my own blog and what am I doing.... still surfing blogland.
- Must try harder and be in control..... but there's so much lovely stuff out there... I whine!
- Yes but you must try and add to it too - my little inner voice says.
- It's true..... I'm going to set myself a challenge to blog at least every other day. No surfing until I've added my own two pennies worth!
- So today I'd like to introduce Morris and Mavis, a small ink drawing, doodle thing that I did a while ago. It's quite sweet so I decided to give it some colour!

- Possibly it would make quite a cute Christmas card!
- It was while I sifting through some of my accumulated piles of paper that I also came across quite a few old drawings that I was going to turn into rubber stamp designs for kids.
I'd completely forgotten about them as I'm not doing the stamp thing at the moment. Seems a shame to just leave them as they are so I might just get round to colouring them in too.... mmm can feel a bit of a project coming on. Will let you know how I get on.

- Anyway bye for now. Will be back in a day or two - hopefully with some nice coloured pics of the above.....

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