Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Young Dragon - WIP

Here's a wee beasty I started the other day at my weekly art group. I'm pleased with how he's coming on. Still a way to go, but thought it would be nice to post him while he's still partly in my head. It'll be nice to see how I progress with him.

It was quite nice actually doing something of a fantasy nature at my art class as usually I'm so unprepared I tend to grab the closest flower from the garden and take that to draw, which usually means I don't actually finish the painting cos the flower droops, gets squished or loses all of its petals.

It was sweet when Alec, a lovely chap that comes along asked if I was drawing it from memory. I just smiled and said that yes I had known a few dragons in my time. I think he saw the funny side.

Anyway off to put a little scale detail on him, cook some tea for me and my man and then shower and off to work, YUK! 'sighs and dreams of being a real live illustrator working from home' ........ one day!


  1. Lovely blog. I love fairies too, particularly flower fairies and nature fairies

    Have a lovely weekend


  2. Thanks Carolyn. Love your blog and your lovely work.

  3. You made me laugh with your comment :o)
    "Hope you had a fruitful weekend"

    Take a look at my other blog and you will see why LOL: