Monday, 26 October 2009

Wizards, Elves & Robins

Here's a little fellow I created out of Fimo as a bit of fun. He's a Wizard (hopefully that bit is obvious) but I've made him look like my OH who has lovely long dark brown hair, a neat little goatee and specs. I couldn't resist it as my man always says he's magic. He hasn't seen him yet so I'm wondering if he'll see the funny side....... :-)

The model below also made from Fimo, took me a lot longer to do and still needs a lot of work on her yet. I need to make her some arms and legs and will probably make a fabric body over a wire skeleton. To finish I'll probably use some mohair for her hair and make so suitably Elvish garments for her to wear. When she's finished I'll have to think of a name for her or maybe ask my blog readers to name her? Maybe you could start thinking of something suitable and drop me a comment?!!?

Finally, but not least of all, I had my first customer for the bird food I put out a few days ago. I normally start feeding the birds about now as it's started to get a bit chillier and there are less bugs for them to eat.

It always surprises me how long it takes for them to build up the courage to start taking the food. On the menu they've got a choice of various seeds and several fat balls with bits and bobs in.

So there I was absent mindedly staring out of the window when I saw a flash of red and there gripping on to a fat ball was a lovely Robin. He was swinging about and pecking for dear life. Then he was gone again as quickly as he arrived.... although I could still hear him singing somewhere nearby.

In a way I'm glad a Robin was the first to dig in, as I think they are such lovely birds..... or 'tweets' and they are fondly known in our house. I'm sure he'll be back and no doubt he'll have told all of his mates about the new food source. Hopefully I'll get a photo of him and his friends digging in but I've just got to pop my camera on charge.

Anyway that's it for now. Cheerio


  1. i love your wee wizard character & am sure OH will too! what a sweet idea. Im hoping to make wee faerie folks as christmas presents this year, you have reminded me i better get cracking. Your wee elf head is coming along beautifuuly, its harder i think to do all the detai on such a small scale. cant wait to see her finished. WE have a wee friendly robin who visits us too, love to see him hopping about. Have great weekend *ruthie*

  2. Hi!!! Your work is great!!! and awesome!! :)))))

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments peeps! Have a lovely creative weekend. x x Jen