Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More Felting

I'm having a week off from work but not going away anywhere as my man isn't able to get this week off from work, so I've been enjoying the lovely weather and doing a few crafty bits and bobs.

I thought I'd be blogging every day but there seem to be very few moments spare, what with one thing and another. I was hoping to get loads done but I've been suffering from crafter's brain. Too many options and not enough deciding and getting down to doing it!!! Trouble is there is so much to inspire both out and about and on the NET that I get caught up in all of the wonderful ideas and techniques. I don't think I could just stick to one thing, creatively speaking. I'm sure it would drive me potty.

Anyway here are a couple more felting critters that popped out of my head. The handsome redhead is Reynard the Fox and the little cute mouse is Appley Dappley. He's a pressie for my sis who is a little stressed out a the mo. It's a character from one of her favourite childhood books. 'The Black Hunting Whip' (can't remember who wrote it, sorry!) Anyway she mentioned this character the other day so I thought I'd create him for her.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good creating day. Have fun! Bye for now!

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  1. I so agree, there is sooo much creativity out there & i do get lost amongst it all. There are so many crafting/arty things i want to try, its hard sometimes to know what to do first. Felting is something i am fascinatid by, add it to the list, i adore your sweet wee animals you have made beautiful . enjoy your creative week off x*ruthie*