Friday, 23 April 2010

Poetic Interlude

I was bimbling around some old bits and bobs the other day and I found a poem that I wrote for my other half not long after we met. It made me go quite wibbly..... and I'm pleased to say that it is even more appropriate today then way back then! I hope you like it?!?

An Intense Spark of Knowing

You know me, not my shell, not the skin I was born in,
Not the person that others think I am.
Yet you know me, the secret me, the inner me.
The complex mix of dark and light, yin and yang.
You regconised my soul and saw within a reflected likeness of your own.
And in that knowing you see a chance to be the inner you.
A chance to let the spiritual seed, lying dormant for so long, begin to grow.
And if you let me I will be the sunlight to your spirit.
And if you let me I will be the warm rain that lets your your spirit grow.
For if you let me be these things to you, I will in turn blossom and I too will know.

Be back soon with some more arty stuff hopefully! Jen

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  1. Hi! I love your works and i follow your blog. Kisses and congratulations!