Sunday, 11 April 2010

Little Fimo Gargoyle

Well it's been a long time since my last post (sounds like confession!!). There's been a lot of crappy stuff happening which has made being creative very difficult so there hasn't been too much to show. Things aren''t much better on that front but I think the fact that Spring is.... er springing ... has made a difference and I'm now attempting to do arty things. YAY! I've kicked myself up the rear and created a new blog just to showcase my illustrations. It's called Enchanted Moon illustration so any new things of an illustrative nature can be found there. (oh yes I'm trying desperately to get more organised!)

Anyway with further ado may I introduce my newest creation.

He's a little angelic gargoyle critter I made with fimo. He's about 2 inches (5cms) high and hangs from a wire loop which you can see in the back view. I like to call him a gargoyle but
really he should be called a grotesque as gargoyles were water spouts and as you can see he's not spouting anything. In fact it looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth..... :-}

I haven't named him yet, so if you've got any ideas that would be cool!

I think if I can I'd like to make a little group of these fellas as alternative Christmas tree decorations...... we'll see. I know what I'm like.... but it's something to log in the back of my bonce for moments when I can't find inspiration to create anything.

Anyway I'm back and with luck and hope I'll be posting more bits and bobs as they come into being.
Have fun! Jen