Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Painted Pebbles Update

Here's a little update on the ongoing painted pebbles passion of mine. The two on the left are the ones
from my previous post that were needing their centers finished. Plus a new addition of a bright sun.... perhaps influenced by the glorious summer weather we are having at the moment. It does look very happy with itself doesn't it? Just in case you were wondering the pebbles are coloured with Inktense pencils. They are really lovely to work with and as the name suggests the colours are very, very intense. You can draw them on or use a paintbrush and pick up the colour from the pencils and paint with them. When they dry the colour is set (this is on porous surfaces, stones being almost non porous don't absorb the colour as much but if you washed them off after using the pencils they would be stained)


Anyway hope you can also enjoy the sunny weather where ever you are!
Bye for now 

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