Friday, 1 February 2013

Felted and Embroidered Journal

Here's a little coptic bound journal I made the other day. I was fiddling, as you do, with various craft stash pieces in my craft room and found a piece of felt that I'd made (wet felting) a while ago. The colours are so beautiful they really zing, although in our dull winter light the photos don't do it much justice. Anyway as I said, I felt that the felt (sorry!)  should be used for something, not just hidden away in my craft stash to be brought out and looked at every now and then so I cut out the various random shapes and appliqued them to a piece of plain black felt. A bit of embellishment later, voila, I had a couple of journal sized embellished felt panels. 
Using some grunge board as stiffener I sewed black cotton fabric on to make a backing to the panels and then folded and bound some nice quality paper into it. As a finishing touch I used two felted buttons to make the closure.

I'm really pleased with the finished result and glad that I took the plunge to cut up the piece of felt that I'd stashed. Now I've got a little journal to scribble down ideas and notes for future craft projects. Maybe I'll make some more felt and instead of stashing it, I'll make some journals of maybe a kindle cover or two for my etsy shop! Who knows?!!! 

Anyway have fun crafting. xxx Jen

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